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Monday, January 22, 2024

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The Secret to a Boundless Life: Embracing Your Highest Goals with Dr. Demartini

Hello again…it's Jason Buckner here, excited to share another insightful segment from our interview with Dr. John Demartini.

This week, we're delving into a topic that resonates with so many of us - achieving our dreams and living a life of freedom.

In this conversation, Dr. Demartini shares his wisdom on focusing on our highest priorities to realize our dreams. He draws on experiences from his interactions with influential figures like Gary Keller and Mary Kay Ash, providing actionable strategies for personal and professional growth.

Let's dive into Dr. Demartini's valuable insights... watch the video below now:

Introduction to the 'One Thing' Concept

"Don't waste your time on anything other than the highest priority thing. What's the one thing – as Gary Keller says – what's the one thing? I've spoken for Gary Keller's thing at… the guy that wrote the book, The One Thing… I’ve spoken to Keller Williams on a number occasions and they use my value acts in their company actually, the value applications. And it's sticking to the one thing. Don't do something lower priority. Find the one thing.

A Memorable Encounter with Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay, for Mary Kay Cosmetics, Mary Kay Ash… I was speaking to 4,500 women.

Imagine this: I'm the only guy in the auditorium in front of 4,500 women. I swear to God I was pinching myself. If I died and this is the afterlife this has to be the afterlife. And 4,500 women, afterwards I actually met with Mary Kay and I asked her some questions. I said, “What exactly would you advise a young man who aspired to want to travel and step foot in every country in the face of the earth to speak?”

And she said:

“Every day write down the highest priority actions that you can do that day and document that and make them little actions. Little actions that can be done that day, not goals that take weeks or days, just actions that day. And then make sure it's the highest priority you can come up with and do it. And if you finish early do one more but don't ever go over where you do too many for the day, where you feel like you're never getting things done. And just do that every day. And then collect that and keep a storehouse of those. And then after you've collected maybe a year's worth or two year’s worth now go back and look at which were the highest priorities of the highest priorities of the highest priorities. What were the ones that repeated most?"

And I broke those down and it was teach, research, write, travel.

Embracing Delegation to Enhance Productivity

I then delegated everything else away which matched the same thing I told you earlier about prioritising what you do in delegating.

So I don't do anything else but teach, research, write, travel. That's it. Haven't driven a car in 33-34 years. Almost haven't cooked since I was 24. I have people to clean the place twice a day – my apartment here on the ship. I got a clock changer. I've almost got a butt wiper! Anything that I don't love doing I hire people to do. And I tell you every time I do, it just grows my business and allows me to reach more people."

Jason Buckner asks:
And what if it is something that you love doing but it's not bringing in the bulk of the income? One of my customers I'm thinking of right now says, “But I just love doing these one-on-one calls with my customers. It has to be me. I have to stay connected to that.” What good advice do you have there?

John Demartini replies:
"Well if you do it at one-on-one you're going to be limited by your linear system unless you raise your fees and keep raising your fees which has got probably some limits. Although I had one client that made $75,000 an hour which is pretty good income. He was a high paid guy that knew how to find oil as a consultant.

But you're going to either have to raise your fees, but you want to ask yourself, “What is it that I would absolutely love to do?” Okay I love to do client communications. Great. How would I get handsomely and beautifully paid to do that? Not, “How can I afford to do it?”, but “How can I get handsomely and beautifully paid? How can I scale that up by doing that. And is it sure that I want to do one-on-one?

Or if I'm speaking to a group and I'm talking one by one to a group could I leverage myself? Could I hire people that are the best of the clients that also want to do that? And can I leverage and duplicate myself and train them and only train those people that are training and reaching people and set up a chain reaction?”

But if not you've got a linear system and maybe you don't want to manage. But a lot of people go, 'I don't want to do management'. I don't want to do management. I want to do teach, research, write, travel. So I hire people to do the rest."

Dr. Demartini's Approach

Dr. Demartini's approach to achieving dreams is both practical and profound. It's about identifying what truly matters to us and dedicating our time and energy to those pursuits, while finding ways to delegate or eliminate the rest. This methodology not only streamlines our path to success but also ensures a life of fulfillment and freedom.
Eager to learn more and apply these principles to your own life? Click below to watch the full interview with Dr. John Demartini.

Watch the full Dr Demartini Interview Now
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