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Monday, March 11, 2024

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The Power of Content Strategy Maximizing Ads and Social Media

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, understanding how to effectively combine content strategy with Facebook advertising can be the difference between mediocre and meteoric growth.

During a riveting segment of the i-Convert Summit, Chris Jeong, a renowned Facebook Ads expert, sits down with Jason Buckner from Automation Made Easy to share invaluable insights into maximizing your social media presence for increasing your leads and sales.

This blog post unveils Chris's expertise on building a successful online presence that captivates and converts, regardless of your current follower count.

Watch this quick, content-packed video now to see how your ads and social content work together:

"And can you do things like you mentioned before about content and having a strategy and, you know, doing all of that? I used to, and someone said, maybe it was you, maybe it was someone else, 'I used to do this.' So I used to have ... I've got a content strategy. Now we do a video every week out to our database, and we solve a problem, and then we put it into Facebook, and then we put it into LinkedIn. We put it here; we put it there. And then we used to advertise it, or we used to boost that. Is boosting still a thing? Does that help?"

"Boosting is still a thing, and it's better than nothing, but you're far better off running those in your actual ads manager and ads campaign. So boosting is like ads manager on light. You don't have as many features, and you can't target as many people. So if you are going to boost, you might as well run that through the ads manager.

And do you have to create a whole new ad there, or can you go and grab that post and then go and utilize that in the ads manager?

You can grab your existing posts. And that's exactly what we do with the alignment campaign. So when you're setting up the ad itself on the ad level, you have the option of 'create new ad' or 'select use existing posts.' And so then you can go back and pick a post from Instagram or Facebook and run it as your ad, which is..."

"So what you're saying there is I don't have to go and create a whole load of new content. We can potentially repurpose some of the content that's there to get it out there to be reminding people of a topic that might be coming soon or something like that."

"That's exactly right. That's exactly right. And it's worthwhile tracking what your best-performing posts are because you want to use them in your retargeting campaigns as well in your alignment campaigns."

"Oh, sorry. And when you say tracking what your best-performing posts are, what do you mean by that?"

"Yeah, so which posts have had the most engagement, the most number of likes, the most number of comments. And if you're tracking things like opting in for lead magnets, use those ones there as well. But when it comes to your social media campaigns with building your audience and your alignment campaign, typically likes and comments. So the ones that have had the most likes and comments, use them in all your different apps.

There's actually a strategy as well, which is basically you season your ads, which is where you use a post and you run it as an engagement post, an engagement campaign, sorry, to get likes and comments on the post. And then it looks like you've got a lot of social interaction. Then you take that same post and you run it as an ad in your conversion campaign. And it looks like a lot of people have actually been opting in online as well. So that's one of the strategies you can use as well out there."

"So let me reframe that. So, saying a post that worked well, advertise that as an awareness campaign. So you're getting more people engaging with that post. And then you go and take that post and use it as a conversion campaign. So you can see all these people engaged; this must be really cool. And encourage more engagement, encourage more click-through."

"Exactly. That's exactly..."

"Very cool, very cool. So tell me, does it matter  if you're an online-based business or an offline business? Say, you know, you're a co-op or a consultant, or you're an allied health, you know, you're a physio or an osteo, does it matter? Using Facebook ads, is it easier for one and not for another? How does that work?"

"That's a very good question. So essentially, if your audience is on the platform, it's good for your industry.

So we've worked with clients in e-commerce, coaching, consulting, local businesses such as plumbers, chiropractors, gyms, the whole lot. If your users and your target market is on the platform, which is virtually everyone, they're either on Facebook or Instagram, it will work for your particular business."

"Ah good one. Good one."

As our conversation with Chris Jeong comes to a close, we're reminded of the incredible potential that thoughtful Facebook advertising strategies hold for businesses of all types.

Chris's insights into content repurposing, ad boosting versus using Ads Manager, and the art of 'seasoning' your ads for maximum engagement are invaluable for anyone looking to make their mark on social media.

But this is just the beginning. For a deeper dive into Chris's expert strategies and to unlock the full power of your Facebook ads, we highly encourage watching the full interview. It's available for free, and just a click away.

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your digital marketing efforts and drive your business forward.

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