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Monday, March 25, 2024

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The Ultimate Growth Strategy

In this week's post I'd like to welcome you to a pivotal moment in digital marketing history, as shared in a segment of Jason Buckner's interview with Corinna Essa at the i-Convert Summit.

Today, we're delving into a revolutionary approach that could potentially double your sales, leveraging the power of AI and YouTube. As explained by YouTube guru Corinna Essa, we're at an unprecedented point in time where scaling your business has never been more accessible... even if you don't have a huge budget.

This blog post introduces an engaging discussion that not only outlines the immense possibilities but also the practical steps you can take to harness AI alongside YouTube for remarkable growth. Corinna Essa, with her profound experience and success in YouTube marketing, shares her insights, making it clear that with the right strategies, doubling your sales is not just a possibility but a reality.

In this short, content-only video you'll see just how easy it can be get massive results from YouTube:

"Yeah, so it's all about doubling our sales. Now, you're here to tell us about a great strategy that you've been using, using AI and YouTube, and how we can use that to get to double the sales. How does that all work?"

" Well, I just want to start by saying we're at a great time in history, really, where it's never been easier to scale. It's just never been easier. It's never been faster, never been cheaper than now, thanks to AI. With AI, you can lower your costs, do ten times more, a hundred times more than what you were able to do. You don't need to hire so many people. You don't have to have that many skills yourself because AI can do all this. So, we're at a very exciting time in history, and I don't think people have any excuse anymore. Not enough time, not enough resources, now that we have AI."

"I agree, I agree. And I have to just throw in, I have been running some ClickFunnels two point zero website training weeks, if you like, you know, we do three hours a day, and we teach people how to build these websites. And I thought I'd use it as an experiment. And so, for the sales page, for the thank you page, for all of the marketing emails, for all of the follow-up emails, I did it literally all in AI, and I thought, let's use it as a project and see how it goes. And these events have been sellout every single time I've done them. And I didn't have to put a whole load of thought process into it, once I knew the right things to say. So, they're super cool, super cool."

"Absolutely. And I'd love to know your results with that, but it's been a game-changer. We're using AI, and we haven't looked back. Of course, I mean, there's a lot of mistakes people make with AI, which is not double-check the output because, of course, garbage in, garbage out. So, you have to be very careful about what you actually put in AI tools and also monitor the output. And that's one mistake that I've just notes that people make. But other than that, it's very powerful."

"Yeah, so tell me about this YouTube marketing strategy and how that all works."

"Well, you know, I started YouTube marketing in two thousand fifteen, so quite a few years ago. And I did most of it myself. I would write the scripts. First of all, I would research what videos people were watching. So, I spent a lot of time researching. Then, I would create a list of videos to create. Then, I would write scripts for them. Then, I would edit them, find the footage to go with it. And then, I would upload them and publish them."

"And now, just to interrupt there a moment, that's a full-time job. Yeah, to do all of that and to make a return from it is a full-time job."

"Oh, absolutely. It's very time-consuming. And so, now, the strategy is still the same.

So, the strategy is still, well, you find a niche. I already had my niche because I had a business at the time. And so, I had the niche.

And for me, the first step was researching. So, that still applies now with AI, but everything I say now, you can do with AI. So, you research the videos that people are most likely to watch.

And then, you start writing the scripts for the videos. That's the second step.

Then, you create the video. So, you might hire a videographer. Then, you might decide whether you're going to be on camera or not, if you're going to use stock footage or real footage, if you're going to do voiceover or be on camera or have someone else as a presenter. So, you decide how you want your video to look like. And usually, it depends on the resources you have. It also depends if you want to be on camera or not, or if you have someone in your team who's willing to be on camera. So, you have to decide on all that because you have to still have brand consistency when you create videos.

So, you have to decide on what the videos will look like.

Are you going to use background music or not?
Are they going to be fast-paced?
Are you going to use PowerPoint and things like that?

So, you decide on the style of the video, you then create the video, and then you publish it on YouTube.

But then, with publishing a video, I guess that's the last stage, which is the most important stage. You really have to have videos that are attention-grabbing because there's so much noise on YouTube It's hard to capture people's attention unless you know what you're doing.

So you have to think about the thumbnails. They have to be attention-grabbing. They have to stand out as well They have to have a big promise 

The title of the video as well has to be keyword-rich It has to be on a topic that people are interested in It has to provide value solve a problem, explain something, teach something, educate.

Then the description when you upload it it has to be keyword rich... It has to have hashtags now and It has to have calls to action.

Then you have to insert the keywords you want your videos to rank for. So on YouTube they use the word tags not keywords So you have to list all the tags you want people to find your video with. And then you publish it with an attention grabbing thumbnail.

So that's very very important. Unfortunately it's something that many people usually get lazy about. Once the video is ready they just upload it and they don't look into the details but that's really what makes a difference. It makes a difference between having fifty views and a thousand views. These little things you know, just going a step further than the average person... than the average YouTuber, will make the difference between having a hundred views or a thousand views."

As we wrap up this insightful journey with Corinna Essa, it's clear that the fusion of AI and YouTube opens up a new frontier for digital marketing and sales strategies. The detailed, practical advice shared in this segment of the i-Convert Summit presentation is invaluable for anyone looking to leverage these powerful tools to their advantage.

To gain a better understanding and to absorb every nugget of wisdom, we highly recommend watching the full interview with Corinna Essa. It's available for free and just a click away—access it through the button below today.

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