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Monday, February 26, 2024

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The Two Biggest Problems Many People Face When Using AI In Their Facebook Ads

In the digital age, the buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) is louder than ever, especially when it comes to marketing. Staying on top of this revolution is Jason Buckner, who recently interviewed the amazing Kerry Fitzgibbon at the iConvert Summit.

Kerry shared her expertise, including leveraging AI and Facebook ads to not just reach, but double sales targets. And in this week’s blog video, we delve into the rapid emergence of AI tools since the launch of chat GPT by OpenAI in November, highlighting the overwhelming yet exciting potential these technologies hold for small businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

However, with the advent of such powerful tools comes a caveat; the misuse of AI can lead to marketing disasters.

Watch this quick video now as Kerry shares the two biggest mistakes many people are making when using AI to write their Facebook ads:

"Tell me more about what you're doing with AI and Facebook ads, and how that all... What is that? Tell me about that."

"OK, so as we know, artificial intelligence is everywhere. Chat GPT, which is one of the main ones that everyone talks about from OpenAI, only came out in November. That's not that long ago. I mean, OpenAI was out sooner, but really, it was only probably launched in November and made available. And since then, there are so many AI tools out there—more AI tools than people in the world probably, right now.

The issue is there are two things that are issues here. One is that it can be really, really overwhelming. Right? There are so many tools out there. It's hard to know what to use, when to use, how to use to get the best results, okay.

Number two is they are being used wrong. The problem is like, they are so easy to use—AI. You can write ad copy, you can write your own e-books, you can do your own marketing, you can do absolutely everything with these tools. OK, but the problem is that people are using them who don't have any experience, and it's showing.

So, they'll go into, let's just say, Chat GPT, and they'll say, 'Write me an ad. A copy ad.' And then you see these terrible ads on Facebook, and you go, 'Wow, that is definitely written by AI.' Right?

So, at the front of things, AI can be used for good, and it can be used for evil. I have certain scripts, so I teach my people how to use AI for good, for them to automate, to come up with ideas, to prompt things in their head so much. But you still need to massage prompts or still need to massage certain AI stuff to get the results you want."

It's crystal clear that AI holds a universe of potential for marketers willing to navigate its complexities with care and expertise. Kerry not only highlights the pitfalls of diving into AI without proper knowledge but also illuminates the path to using AI as a force for good in marketing. Her strategies for blending AI with human insight are a huge help for businesses wanting to amplify their sales and marketing efforts.

To dive deeper into Kerry’s strategies and unlock the full potential of AI in your Facebook marketing campaigns – and what’s working now in Facebook marketing – watch the full interview available for FREE by simply clicking the button below.

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