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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

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Unleash Your Vision For Greater Results

Hey there… it’s Jason Buckner here, bringing you yet another gem from our interview series with Dr. John Demartini.

Today's topic is particularly exciting for anyone looking to double their sales.

In this segment, Dr. Demartini dives into the common fears that hold us back and the power of a clear, expansive vision in overcoming these obstacles. He explains how our vision, aligned with our highest values, can dramatically transform our achievements and life experiences.

Without further ado, let's get into the insights from Dr. Demartini:

“It's the fear of not being smart enough or intelligent enough, the fear of somehow failing at it or not making money at it. The fear of losing money at it, the fear of failing at it in other words, the fear of losing loved ones over it, the fear of being rejected over it, the fear you don't have the vitality, looks or energy to do it. Or the fear that you're going to be morally and ethically judged for it.

Those are most people's fears that stop them. There're unconscious motives there.”

“Yeah… all tying into fears and values and where we're positioning ourselves in the hierarchy really isn't it?”

“Yeah and you know, you’ve got to ask yourself this question: “What do you want to play in the game of life?”

You know, Seneca, the Roman poet and philosopher, and you know this guy he said, “You measure an individual by their most distant ends.”

How big a vision is it?

If your vision is small you'll be small. One of the people who’s got the biggest vision is Elon Musk. Look at his vision and look at what he’s creating. If you play small it's because you’ve got a small vision and if you live by your highest values your vision grows spontaneously. The space and time horizons expand. If you're living by lower values they shrink and you want immediate gratification.

So you can tell by this the magnitude of space and time and their innermost dominant thought because that's going to determine their uttermost tangible reality.

“So if you're not doubling your sales by this time next year it's because you're still living by the vision that's kept you at this point through your business from now?”

“Yeah. You know I got asked one time… I was in my office and this guy came in my office and said, “Can I pick your brain?”

I said, “Sure”.

He said, “How did you grow a global business? How did you have…?”

You know I've spoken in 194 countries now and still growing. I’ve got two more coming up this next year. And I said, “Because I had a dream when I was 17 to step foot in every country on the face of the earth and research human behaviour and make sure I had the most in-depth most comprehensive summary of human behaviour that was on this planet. I wanted to make sure I delivered something valuable.”

And I said, “That was my dream and I'm not doing it until I've hit every country”.

And I got to Saudi Arabia this year because I've been waiting… I finally got into Saudi Arabia to speak. So, all of a sudden the guy said, “So how did you grow this business? What was your technique? What was your marketing technique?”

And I said, “It was none of that. When the WHY is big enough the HOWS take care of themselves.”

You synchronously meet the people, places, things, ideas and events to get things done.

Yesterday I did a podcast. The lady said that was most profound podcast she's done on her show. And she said, “I’ve got a thousand friends that are in podcast. If I send you there and I send a letter to them will you go on their shows?”

I said, “Absolutely.”

Because of synchronicity. Because when you're doing something that's really synchronous it's almost like the universe is helping you get there.

Dr. Demartini's message is clear: The size of your vision determines the scale of your achievements. By aligning your goals with your highest values and overcoming fear, you can unlock your full potential and achieve remarkable success. It's not just about having a vision; it's about living it with every step you take.

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