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Tuesday, February 06, 2024

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Proven Strategies For More Sales

Ever wondered how a small tweak can turn your product into an irresistible deal?

That's exactly what we're diving into today!

In a candid chat with Phil McGilvray at the recent i-Convert Summit, Jason Buckner reveals the secret to boosting your product's value.

Spoiler alert: it's simpler and more impactful than you think.

Watch this quick, content-only video below now to discover how 'Profit Levers' can skyrocket your sales: 

The Art of Elevating Product Value

“The third one then is increasing the perceived or real value of your product. So what ways can I increase the real or perceived value of this so that more people want it and it actually reflects better value?

Now when I say real and perceived it doesn't mean often that you need to change anything about the product. It's just that you need to sell it better. But often there are little things like – and I'll give you a quick example of this:

I signed up for some new software, basically a CRM software that was also going to host my website and my files and all those things. And as an extra they said, “Hey, and we'll also get one of our tech team to connect your URLs up to the product… up to the phone.”

I was like – me being a non-techie guy – that is like fantastic! It didn't cost me anything else to do it but it really just pushed me over the edge to say yeah, I want this.

And so you know it would have cost me maybe 50 bucks I reckon to pay this person to do that for me. But for me it was it was worth hundreds of dollars because I didn't have to do it. So just thinking about, what are the ways that I can actually increase the real or perceived value of what I'm offering so that people go, “Yeah actually this is a no brainer”.

A Simple Shift for Big Results

You've probably heard of Alex Hormozi. Alex Hormozi talks a lot about you know making your product sound so good or be so good, like you don't want to… there should never ever be any dishonesty in there. Like, I really believe in give way more value than you're actually being paid for.

And I think if you can approach it from that perspective then you are going to be able to sell a product that's an absolute no brainer. And so with a lot of my clients it's going through and going, well how do we make this more attractive? How do we make this more valuable to your ideal client?

So that's a third profit lever and with that alone also either you can sell more doing that or you can increase the price for pretty much the same product.”

Your Path to Increased Profits

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