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Tuesday, March 05, 2024

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Unlocking Efficiency and Doubling Sales: The Power of Virtual Teams

Feeling overwhelmed by the day-to-day management of your business, or unsure about how to scale effectively?

Yeah, it’s a challenge many small business owners face. You often hear people saying, “Oh, just outsource… just delegate… you need to build a team.” It sounds so easy, but can create more headache than it solves if you don’t understand how to outsource effectively.

In her insightful interview at the i-Convert Summit, Carmen Williams from Global Teams, sheds light on a solution that many business owners overlook or don’t understand how to use properly: the strategic use of virtual assistants.

In this short video below, Carmen discusses how virtual assistants can not only help manage your operations more efficiently but also significantly boost your capacity to attract more clients and, in turn, double your sales.

Watch this video now: it’s a compelling watch for anyone aiming to leverage their business operations for growth:



"Sometimes I speak to business owners who find themselves too afraid to make a sale because they're unsure if they can deliver on their promises. This, while seemingly a good problem to have, is still a significant issue that needs resolution.

For instance, I recently spoke with a client this morning who employs specialists like copywriters among her team, with her virtual assistant handling the intermediary tasks such as coordination and communication. This structure allows her specialists to focus on their areas of expertise, thereby increasing their capacity to work and enabling her to take on more clients. It highlights how operations and sales need to work hand in hand and scale together."

Throughout this summit, we'll discuss the challenges I've faced in my business. About 12 months ago, I restructured and simplified my business, bringing on more teams and outsourcing some tasks to create a more global team. This made life easier for me, but I still found myself caught up in the day-to-day tasks, which we should strive to move away from to focus more on the strategic aspects of our business. If we're always caught up in the doing, we'll never find the time to work on the business itself or to improve our sales strategies, are we?"

"No, for sure. And I've got a client, Andrew, who specializes in helping people purchase expensive houses. He shared with me that since hiring a virtual assistant, he has become more creative. The space provided by not having to do every single task himself has been beneficial, albeit sometimes scary, but ultimately fruitful.

This brings us to the diversity of businesses that can benefit from virtual assistants. From online enterprises to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, the range is vast. For example, one of our clients is a hairdresser whose virtual assistant helps with marketing and scheduling, as they are often fully booked. Another client specializes in air conditioner repairs, where tasks like sending out invoices, sending reminders, and optimizing schedules for minimal travel time between jobs are crucial.

We also serve clients who are NDIS providers, offering support to people with disabilities. This diversity in clientele is something I cherish, as it allows me to interact with various business models and learn from them.

In terms of utilizing offshore team members for maximum success, the key is to assign tasks that are high volume but low risk. This approach ensures that your team can handle essential tasks efficiently without significant risks to your business operations."

Carmen Williams' advice, as shared in the segment of her interview here with Jason Buckner at the i-Convert Summit, offers a practical approach to business scaling and sales enhancement through the use of virtual assistants.

From improving operational efficiency to creating space for strategic growth, the benefits are substantial.

So if you're keen to elevate your business, you’ll want to watch the full interview. You can access it for free via the button below. Take this opportunity to transform your business operations and sales approach!

Watch the full Interview Now
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