Unlocking Your True Potential: Breaking Free from External Expectations

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

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Discover how unlocking your true potential can guide you to embracing your authentic self

Hey, it's Jason Buckner here, back with another captivating blog post.

Today, we're continuing our exploration of Dr. John Demartini's profound insights. This segment is particularly close to my heart as we delve into the realm of personal growth and breaking free from external expectations.

Dr. Demartini discusses a critical aspect of personal development - the concept of 'injected values' and how they shape our lives. It's about understanding the influence of those we admire and how subordinating to their values can lead to internal conflict and limit our true potential.

Watch the video below and let's dive into what Dr. Demartini has to say:

The Concept of Injected Values in Personal Development

"The people around us and the people we look up to and the injected values that we incorporate all get woven into this experience unless you can level the playing field and not subordinate to people. Anybody you subordinate to their value system is going to influence your decisions and you're going to have internal conflict. And this is what plateaus people. This is what's called limiting beliefs. It's simply the subordination to outer authorities that you somehow give them power to that have a different value system than what you're trying to accomplish but you have this internal conflict. That's why anytime you hear yourself saying “I should”, “I ought to”, “I’m supposed to”, “I’ve got to”, “I have to”, “I must” or “I need to”, that isn’t you speaking. That's an injected value by an outer authority which Freud called the superego. And the superego is masochistic to our own self because we're trying to please all these people out there that we're subordinating to.

So I go through and identify and though, in my Breakthrough Experience program, I go through and identify who are the most powerful heroes in the seven areas of your life. Find out who they are; find out what traits you admire about them and then go inside yourself and ask where in when do you display and demonstrate those traits until the quantity and quality is equal to what you see in them and take them off the pedestal. Level the playing field and you will immediately play in a new field.

Level the Playing Field

I had a lady that was a pop artist right. And I've known her since she was 16 and she's now in her 30s. And so she wanted to be this pop artist and make millions of dollars being a pop artist right… singing and things. We had her go and do the exercise on Lady Gaga, on Beyonce and Madonna. Two and a half weeks after she did that – now she had risen up to a point where she was doing local clubs and occasionally in different states. She did one in Australia and one in Europe and she was rising.

The second she did Beyonce and took every trait she admired and then found out where she had it in her own form and quit admiring it and putting her on a pedestal and playing small and minimizing but leveling it. The moment she did that, two and a half weeks later Beyonce contacted her and asked her to perform at her house to a very elite group of people which helped her career go to a whole other level.

See, at the level of the real authentic self which the theologians call the soul, nothing's missing in you. At the level of your senses things appear to be missing. The things that appear to be missing all the things you're too proud or too humble to admit that you have that you see in other people. And as long as you compare yourself to other people and put them on pedestal or pitch you will never be authentic enough to be able to lay the foundation to grow to new levels.

The second you're authentic the more you break the ceilings. And all the symptoms of those plateaus are nothing more than to teach you that."

Embracing Authenticity and Unlocking Potential

In this powerful message, Dr. Demartini invites us to a journey of self-discovery and authenticity. It's about realizing that everything we admire in others is a reflection of our own potential. By understanding and embracing this, we can unlock our true capabilities and soar to new heights.

Ready to explore more of Dr. Demartini's transformative insights? Click the link below to watch the entire interview.

Watch the full Dr Demartini Interview Now
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