Unveiling True Needs: The Key to Meeting Customers' Values

Monday, January 08, 2024

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In this exclusive interview, we're honored to host Dr. John Demartini, a world-renowned expert in human behavior and personal development.

Hey there, it’s Jason Buckner here. Today, we're diving into a fascinating discussion with the one and only Dr. John Demartini. If you've ever wondered about the deeper meanings behind why your customers come to you and how understanding these can revolutionize your business approach, then you're in for a treat!

Dr. Demartini, a renowned expert in human behavior and personal development, sheds light on an often-overlooked aspect of customer service and business growth.

He emphasizes the importance of aligning your services with the true values and needs of your customers, rather than just addressing the superficial issues. It's about going beyond the obvious to uncover what really matters to people in their lives.

So, just how exactly do you do that?

Watch the quick video below and let's hear it directly from Dr. Demartini:

In the words of Dr John Demartini:

"That's why my business flourished. I cared enough to communicate what I valued in terms of what they really valued and not made presumptions because I was a specialist in that, that they are coming in for that because of back pain, because that's not why they're there.

Particularly – if you see that it just happened today maybe so – but it usually is they're usually going in for care because it's interfering with what their life… they're trying to accomplish in their life

That's what's bringing them there. If it's… had another lady come in she says the reason I'm here, after I got passed a pain in my back, is because I can't make love with my husband. I'm afraid he's going to have an affair.

She didn't come in for back pain. She came in there because she wanted her back to function so she didn't lose her husband.

So what some people tell you and what people live and what their life demonstrates is a clean discernment on what they really value is important to meet needs.

Because if you don't have a demand you're not meeting people's needs. If you're having to push and push uphill to sell something you're not meeting people's needs. So caring enough to articulate it in real values to them is a huge difference in growing the business.

And that's where values come in. And people live according to their values not yours. And if you ever expect him… I had another doctor – I did a lot of consulting for doctors, about a thousand clinics back in the 80s – and I learned a lot about how they function. And it was really interesting because they made assumptions that because they were interested in health their patients would be. And so I told them that's not why they're there.

The guy that's coming in here because of his shoulder problem in his neck is, because he's a golfer, he wants to not have a screwed up golf game. He's not coming there because his neck is sore. He's going there because it's interfering with his golf game and it's not fun to go golfing anymore and it's costing him in his competitions and his business is dependent on golf. That's where he does his business sales.

So you don't talk in terms of back pain You talk through the back pain to golf and talking what their needs are. Their values are their children, their golfing, their health, their education… whatever it may be that's important to them.

And I've developed over the years a value determination process to help slowly maturely discern those questions to wake up awareness of what people's values are. It's on my website. It's free. It's complimentary for people if people want it. But by going through there and being aware of those questions you can slowly add that into your sales process to determine what they're really… because if you ask people… let me give you an example.

I was speaking in front of about 5,000 people in Johannesburg, South Africa, at a success summit years back and I said, “How many of you here would love to be financially independent?”

5,000 people put their hand up, two hands up, or leg hands and two hands. They're all going, “Yes, yes”.

I said, “Great! How many of you are financially independent Will your passive incomes exceed your active income?”

All the hands went down except seven – seven out of 5,000 people.

I said, “That’s interesting. Only seven people out of 5,000 have financial independence. The rest of you are living in a fantasy of what you want but your life's not demonstrating it.”

Understanding What Genuinely Matters

Isn't that just a mind-opening perspective? Dr. Demartini's insights remind us that true success, both in personal health and business, comes from understanding and aligning with what genuinely matters to people.

Now, if this peek into Dr. Demartini's wisdom has piqued your interest, there's plenty more where that came from...

Simply click the button below to watch the rest of this insightful interview with Dr John Demartini.​

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