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What to say in your Follow Up

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in your follow-up to grab attention and trigger interest

There are at least six touch points along your customer’s journey that you need to tap into to make them sit up and listen. Learn what they are and what you need to say to get people to your webinar and keep them there until they take up your offer.



to catch people in their most receptive state of mind

Timing is everything. You may be doing the right things by sending follow-up emails, but your efforts are wasted because your timing is off.
Learn where so many hosts go wrong by missing these crucial windows of opportunity.



to save time, increase appeal and massively boost sales

Learn the delivery strategy that will not only save you hours in time and stress,

But will also secure closure every time with the potential to triple your sales.

Why Trust Me?

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As well as working with numerous coaches, consultants, small businesses and large corporations across Australia, I’ve automated 15,000+ attendee tickets for World Internet Summit, created systems and solutions for some of Australia’s largest retailers and been responsible for the automatic processing of over $35 million in sales.

I’ve consulted for some of Australia’s leading online marketers, including internationally acclaimed Brett McFall and Founder of HiTech United, Tom Hua – for whom I created an additional $57,000 in reoccurring monthly sales for his [online marketing training series].

The Follow Up Formula draws from years of experience helping businesses automate their webinar follow-up processes to dramatically increase their efficiency and sales. It started with just one customer coming to me to ask if there was a way to nurture every single webinar lead.
My answer was simple. Yes.

Clients Who have Benefited from the Follow Up Formula


Belinda Kerr

An additional $49,970 in sales made BelindaKerr of Recruitment Garage one very happy webinar host. 100% of these sales would have fallen through the gaps without The Follow-Up Formula.


Allison Garison

Through a few quick follow-up steps, Allison Garrison received an extra $13,991 in sales through her webinar that would have very easily been otherwise missed.


Pauline Delaney

Pauline Delaney of Pauline Delany Enterprises was wrapped to get an additional $27,000 worth of sales as a result of simple strategies actioned through The Follow-Up Formula.


The Follow Up Formula

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